Consciousness is defined as the awareness of one’s own existence. One’s own existence can be perceived on many different levels and in many different ways. Whether you choose to look at consciousness from the personal perspective of an individual, race, culture, group, city, nation, country, or from a global point of view, all levels of consciousness begins within you. Where you place your own attention and focus begins to generate the level of your consciousness and its current understanding within you.

With each new experience or lesson that you engage helps to create and develop the level of understanding and intelligence within one’s own thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that begin to mold one’s intelligence and wisdom. This then generates different levels of consciousness development within you. As one initially begins to develop their own consciousness, they initially view it in terms of variations and differences.

The first degree of separation begins with the expression of being born male or female. Through your spiritually chosen human expression, begins to delineate the roles of physical expression given within your race, culture, and social environment. Your consciousness is then molded through your life experiences as you develop your human consciousness on the way to spiritual consciousness. What people do not realize is that consciousness does not start at the human level of perception, which is the biggest reason as to why most people feel lost, confused, or have a sense of failure when trying to connect to God, spirit, enlightenment, universal consciousness, or a higher power. You must perceive yourself from the level of your spirit and not the level of your human existence as the starting point of your journey towards obtaining higher consciousness.

If you begin your consciousness development from a human perspective, you will most like evolve to a level of human understanding. If you begin your consciousness from the perspective of what you were prior to entering your human existence, at the level of spirit, you can only evolve to the level of God or higher consciousness. So the statement goes, “Humans can only evolve to become another form of human expression. Spirit can only evolve and expand towards infinite expression, which is the expression of God.”

The reflection of one’s own consciousness is a reflection of one’s own spiritual reflection. Within the reflection of consciousness we see the mirrors of our own energetic imbalances or resistance. Resistance being the energetic imbalances within our own spirit and its spiritual energy that causes, attracts, or leads to karmic lessons. In understanding this concept we can understand how our own consciousness develops in terms of its progression as well as the levels of consciousness within our own spiritual body in relationship to the energy body that makeup our human-spiritual relationship and existence.

The relationship to one’s own consciousness is a direct relationship to the development of your spiritual evolution. It is not a matter of how evolved your spirit is, but it is a matter of how energetically unbalanced your spiritual body is that allows for karmic expression to occur. This then triggers the spirit to enter the human existence for further growth, development, and energetic balancing. Therefore the relationship to the human existence in relationship to our spiritual existence holds much importance to the fabric of consciousness within the universe and its magnetic field of creative force and existence.

If you think of the spirit in relation to the human body, it is best expressed with Deepak Chopra’s statement, “The universe is within you.” If your spiritual body is directly integrated within the energetic fabric of the universe, the expression of the spiritual body is an expression of the totality of universal consciousness that affects the positive and negative balance of energies within the universe. This is the greatest concept of human-spiritual consciousness that has been overlooked and miss understood within the present moment and throughout the centuries.

The human existence and the need for its expression through your life’s experience is extremely important in balancing the energetic expression of the spiritual body. With that said, you must think of your spiritual body in terms of a ball of energy. Within its initial expression, the birth of the spirit, its energy is small and there for is easily influenced by shifts in energy flow as the universe shifts and responds positive or negative energetic forces that are constantly being recreated through the addition or release of karmic expression – universal energy balancing.

In order for the spirit to grow and develop it must go through a learning process that allows it to expand, hence the creation of the human existence. With each new experience of positive or negative expression as perceived within the levels of spiritual consciousness, each experience creates a directional spike that allows for expansion of energy. The initial expansion becomes lopsided, which triggers the map of human existence, which can be expressed within a person’s life. This energetic spike gives rise to perceived positive or negative lessons that gives the opportunity for the spirit to re-balance itself. The caveat to this is at lower levels of consciousness within the human existence, this can create immense spikes within the energy field as we learn to control the balance of energy held within our emotions.

These spikes are fueled with the positive or negative emotional attachments that we place within each experience that we go through. Depending upon how evolved your spirit is, small ball of energy versus big ball of energy, will also affect how much emotional attachment is created.

Energy spikes are created from the center or core of the spiritual body, hence the same energy spike created at an early stage of your spiritual development is less pronounced if your spiritual energy field is 5 or 10 times the size as compared to the initial creation of your spirit. Hence if someone has experienced and overcome a tragic experience, whether it was a violence, sexual abuse, addiction, poverty, physical pain or suffering, they can relate to others who are going through the same experience and offer assistance or advice. Therefore the larger more balanced energy field that a spirit body holds helps to anchor the fluctuations of energy shifts within the planet and the universe.
Your own consciousness is a reflection of the spiritual development of your spiritual body.

Understanding the reason for your human existence gives rise to understanding why we go through various perceived positive or negative experiences, why lessons continue to repeat itself within your life, and why you must learn to overcome your fears and resistances versus remaining a victim to your own mental illusions, the energy spikes within your spiritual body.


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Today's Education

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Today's Education

What is education? Education is the process of learning new skills, skills and values.

Today's Education

What is education? Education is the process of learning new skills, skills and values.

Special Learning Requirements - Students' Educational Efficiency Services

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