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" You and Me,
NO Matter What"


There are moments in life when everything around you just seems to fade away, and nothing else matters. You don’t question it. You begin to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. You ready yourself to dig in deep and surrender. You follow with love, faith, and hope with all your heart that everything will be okay. The only thing left to answer is, “Are you willing and able to stay present no matter what?”

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You and Me, No Matter What

A Saga Of Infinite Love

Dive into the spellbinding pages of a love story that defies fate itself. "You and Me No Matter What" is a memoir that unveils the extraordinary journey of Minh, a Vietnamese immigrant, and Ally, a vibrant Southern soul, as their worlds collide and intertwine.

Amid the dazzling backdrop of San Francisco, their love blossoms. But fate deals a cruel blow—Ally is diagnosed with terminal cancer, propelling Minh into an uncharted realm of caregiving. With unwavering devotion, he battles medical mazes, seeking a miracle for his beloved.

This memoir is a testament to unwavering love, the agony of loss, and the resurgence of life. Through Minh's eyes, experience the relentless pursuit of hope in the face of despair. "You and Me, No Matter What" isn't just a memoir—it's a lifeline for caregivers and a balm for those who've lost to cancer's clutches. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and forever touched by "You and Me No Matter What."


Born in Saigon during the Vietnam War, Minh Vo faced his own battle for life. From the moment of birth he fought severe pneumonia and illness near the point of death, until the universe decided to lend a hand and gave back a life that was meant to help others.

Immigrating with his family from Vietnam after the war, they found a new home and a new start in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.....


I have cried more in the last 2 days than I have in more years than I can remember. I am still teary and emotional. This book is an open door to Minh and Ally’s being and the innermost emotional journey of their lives. It gives the reader an insight to testament the caring spirit of selflessness, and most of all, love. Taking you through every aspect, trial, tribulation, twist, and turn of their journey together. My Heart explodes with empathetic sympathy for Minh’s relentless pursuit. Few people are able to recite a story that puts the other person in their shoes, and allows them to walk for miles, to the point that feet are blistered, shoes are worn and tattered. Emotions are wrenched free, requiring time to analyze with self-reflection that is so eminently released through its hyperthymesia, imagery, invocation, and déjà vu. The eidetic memories as a child to abundant emotional memories as an adult, while the episodic memory allows you to explore their various sites of time. This book gives you everything, reflecting, resonating, and reverberating in unison. Thank you for sharing your gift, which is of the heart, life, and love. God bless you, dear Ally. God bless your Family. God bless you, Minh Vo. Psalms 16:8 - I always remember that the LORD is with me. He is here close by my side, so nothing can defeat me.

It is such a beautiful love story of two soul mates that turns tragic. It was a rollercoaster of emotions the whole way through. I’ve gained so much insight into the amount of sacrifice and hardship emotionally, physically, and spiritually that anyone going through cancer and the loved ones involved has to go through. This memoir in honor of a loved one definitely pulled at my heartstrings! Highly recommend

In life's story, Minh and his partner shared a love that was really strong. They showed how love can mean giving up and always being there. Even though Ally is not here now, their love still stays and teaches us that real love never really goes away. It's like a special mark that tough times and years can't erase, and it reminds us that love is super powerful and can last forever. Beautifully written!

From beginning to end, this book takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions that overwhelms your sense and allows you to feel the joys and heartbreaking pain of Minh and Ally's love story. It makes you contemplate how fragile life is and teaches us to appreciate who we have through their commitment and love for each other. It is a must-read for everyone!