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Energy medicine is unique and personalized to you and your energy. By connecting to your energetic spiritual body, you receive the necessary information you’re your body and spirit needs. Whether you need energy healing, chakra balancing, past life regression, inner child work, or want to evolve your psychic abilities, and or work with your spirit guides, the answers are waiting to unfold within you, and you alone. In-person energy medicine sessions allows for a more sensory-rich experience. Energy healing, provides a relaxing and calming session.


Do you have questions about your life path, spiritual guides, or your soul’s mission? Do you have blockages or are going through a dark period in your life?

Spiritual counseling allows you to unlock your spiritual potential. Whether it is working with your higher self, inner child, spiritual guides, decreased loved one, or ancestors to help answer questions, provide insights and tools, or guide you on your life path.

| 60 mins $200 |

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